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March 13, 2015

proposed change of the Law

DENVER — Grocery stores in Colorado are launching a campaign to change liquor laws throughout the state. They want to sell full-strength beer and liquor. Opponents to the idea argue that a change will cause more harm than convenience. Right now grocery stores can’t sell full-strength beer and they can only sell wine and other liquor at one location in the entire state. There have been more than a half-dozen attempts to change these laws in the past, they always failed. The effort is a bit different this time. “It’s really time for us to bring some choice and convenience to the Colorado customer,” says Chris Howes of Colorado Consumers for Choice. He says the liquor laws which have been in place since the 1930s are out of date, and grocery stores should be able to sell the same alcohol as liquor stores.

His group is gathering signatures for a potential ballot initiative in 2016 that would let voters decide what the laws should be, rather than lawmakers handling the process.

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